What is a Gallery/Museum Wrap?

Gallery wrap or museum wrap is a canvas that is stretched on a wooden frame and stapled in the back so the image is also printed and shown on the sides of the frame. This type of stretching does not require framing. The image is continued on to the side of the canvas and is the most common way of stretching canvas.

When choosing gallery wrapping for your canvas, keep in mind that part of the image will be stretched onto the sides of the wooden frame. Therefore, it is crucial that your focal point will be shown and not hidden on the sides.

Gallery Wrap Sample

Why Gallery Wrap?

Gallery wrapped canvas is the new, modern way of displaying you photos and art.
Since the image is "wrapped" around all 4 sides, the need for a framing is eliminated, saving you time as well as creating a wonderful "floating effect".


Border thickness options

.75" width 1.5" width 2.5" Width
.75" Border 1.5" border 2.5" Border

While a 1.5" border has become the industry standard, we still offer .75" thickness and 2.5" thick borders. Here are the differences and advantages for the options we offer:

Generally the thicker the border the more visually appealing it is.
With a thick (2.5") border the canvas sticks out & away from the wall more than with the standard 1.5" border. However this option is always a little more expensive.

The .75" border is thinner than the standard border, and is good for clients who are planning on framing their canvas (a canvas must be stretched in order to be framed).
This option may also appeal to the
budget conscious client.